Over the past 3 decades, Chris has proven himself to be an extremely successful entrepreneur, with ventures in property, software and trading (to name just a few!) bringing international success and recognition.

Renowned for his fresh, innovative approach as well as pioneering groundbreaking technological advances through his involvement with Software, Chris has made a habit of buying and selling businesses after transforming their fortunes, as well as building his own businesses from scratch which have since gone on to be industry leaders.   


Chris is no stranger to adversity, and it's the struggles he has faced in life which he credits for giving him the drive to succeed. At just 16 years old, Chris faced his biggest challenge when he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Over the coming years, after often finding himself hospitalised and severely unwell, Chris vowed to pursue his dreams and to make something of his life - it's a philosophy which has served him well and it's one to which he still lives by today. 


Chris first foray in the business came in the early 90's when, after enrolling on a computer course at a local college, Chris discovered a talent for programming. In a short space of time Chris rapidly became one of the UK's brightest young programmers. 

It was this that led to his first and most significant break, when he landed at job at Glencore. Working for the largest commodity trading bank in the world allowed Chris to really hone his talent in software, as well as to develop a passion for trading. 

Over the coming years, Chris got a valuable insight in how the biggest investment banks work as his developing interest in trading turned into dedication to becoming the best trader he could. 

This led Chris to his final role in trading, this time with Deutsche Bank, where his burgeoning talent in trading and software allowed him to create one of the world's first automated trading risk systems. 
At the age of 31, Chris left the City and, along with his young family, moved back to his native Yorkshire. With a passion for business and making money still very much at the forefront on Chris' mind, he set about establishing an Estate Agency business. From scratch, he built an agency which was not only one of the successful in Leeds, but in the whole of Yorkshire, with his Agency trusted by Landlord's and Vendors the length and breadth of the county. 

After selling his agency at the height of it's power, Chris now dedicates his time to helping other entrepreneur's who are embarking on the path that Chris has so successfully followed. Whether it's creating bespoke sales funnels for entrepreneurs, teaching an aspiring trader how to make money or transforming a business with cutting edge software and systems, it's Chris' aim to share the knowledge and expertise that he has gained over the years. 

You never know, Chris' next success story could be you...

Yorkshire Software

As the names suggests, we’re proud of where we’re from. Don’t let that fool you though, when it comes to our clients, we’re flying the flag for Yorkshire on a global scale.

We help a wide variety of clients, with past projects ranging from clients wanting a bespoke new website for their business, to property moguls needing a brand new operations system built from scratch to work alongside their existing platforms.

Our team have a true passion for innovation and technology, it’s what we genuinely love to do. We take the time to get know our clients and understand their needs, and that’s why we're successful at what we do. We’re not averse to going the extra mile too, take our ground-breaking SMS diary management system for example, our innovation and new technology has seen us become an industry leader through hard work and perseverance.

Got a Software snag? Yorkshire Software have the solution.

Smart Camera Company

The aim of Smart Camera Company is simple. For too long, investing in camera technology has proven to be a minefield, with confusing sales and technical jargon and sky-high prices meaning that many SME's are unable to access the quality of services which, for many, play a crucial part in their operations without it costing a pretty penny. 

Smart Camera Company has changed all of that. We bring affordable, state-of-the-art hardware, database, web solutions, and tablet applications, to a diverse client base to help solve some of their toughest business challenges. Our ongoing development and investments in technical talent help SME’s around the world by providing ground-breaking business solutions to help them work smarter, more efficiently and, ultimately, to build a better businesses.


Located in Leeds City Centre, Comozzo is the much-loved home of all of Chris' companies. Based on York Place, in the heart of the business and financial quarter, Comozzo also provides state of the art meeting spaces and conference venues for both UK and International companies.

Over the past 12 months, our doors have welcomed some of world's biggest and well-known companies, including a (very!) famous coffee brand and a multi-billion pound security company. That's not to mention the variety of local and independent businesses that Comozzo helps on a day to day basis by providing smaller, bespoke workspaces which come equipped with innovative, cutting edge features such as a recording/podcasting studio and video recording technology.

In order to move with the (socially distanced!) times, we've also launched our virtual webinar service, meaning that wherever your clients or colleagues are in the world, they can login and join you remotely whilst you're at Comozzo!

If you're looking for a fitting workspace for your business, then look no further! 
With his passion for trading still as strong as ever and, equally tired of seeing the swathes of substandard trading courses which are ripping people off,  Chris decided to do something about it! For everyone ranging from newbie traders to those in need help fine-tuning their approach, Business of Traders run a variety of courses which provide people with the skills and attributes they will need to succeed in trading. 

Here's What Our Students Have To Say

We Funnel

As a result of Chris' years of experience in business and, armed with technology and knowhow which has led his own businesses to thrive, Chris now dedicates time to leading an expert team to create the same success for others entrepreneurs through Sales Funnels. Rather than to throw money at congested and poor performing traditional advertising methods, Wefunnel create completely bespoke and optimised funnels which are proven to create a high converting sales revenue for clients. 

Agent Clicks

Agent Clicks is a specialised branch of WeFunnel, focusing on the Estate Agency industry. Agent Clicks creates bespoke funnels which are proven to grow both Estate and Letting agencies using the same technologies which power Wefunnel. 
Putting his innovative instincts to good use, Clean Handi is one of Chris' newest ventures which was born as a result of the global pandemic. Clean Handi solved the issue of sourcing top quality sanitiser for a lot of businesses across the UK. Clean Handi continues to provide much needed protection to a range of organisations, including schools, small business owners, and even football clubs! 


Did you know that the market price of a single coin of the most popular cryptocurrency has increased by more than 2000% in just 8 years? Chris did! After all, his background working with one of the world’s largest commodity and investment banks means that his finger is on the pulse when it comes to finding a sure-fire investment. That’s why he set out to create Mineeezi. The premise of Mineeezi is simple - to open up the lucrative world of cryptocurrency mining to the everyday investor.

Through state of the art, industry leading rigs (built using Chris’ expertise in Hardware and Software) coupled with expert management from Mineeezi’s team, cryptocurrency is no longer the preserve of the big investment banks and tech boffins.

Now, investors - even those who have absolutely zero knowledge of cryptocurrency - can take advantage of monthly yields in excess of a staggering 40%! Where else are those sort of returns on investment possible?

How does it work? Easy.

From day one, Mineeezi will provide a professional, managed service ensuring that all rigs are performing to their highest capability and, most importantly, are mining the most profitable crypto coins. No hassle, zero fuss - all you have to do is sit back and watch the money come in!
With cryptocurrency, you’re looking at the future of finance. So, the sooner you get started, the more you’ll make!

Click the button below for more information on how YOU could join the Cryptomining revolution and start making money - virtually straight away!

Agent Clicks

Agent Clicks is a specialised branch of WeFunnel, focusing on the Estate Agency industry. Agent Clicks creates bespoke funnels which are proven to grow both Estate and Letting agencies using the same technologies which power Wefunnel. 


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